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In accordance with Hubbard, our minds are just a database of pictures or perhaps a conduit for your spirit, and that our bodies, together with the remainder of the cosmos, are only imagined and so are a hindrance to identifying the reality about our real mother nature.

But during their journey to OT 3, not All people has these kinds of outlandish "Recollections," they all pointed out to me.

She just did not have wild Room opera encounters the way some others did. So when she she arrived at OT three, I requested her, how did it strike her?

Christianity acknowledges and celebrates humanity’s artistic gifts which they believe mirror our being produced during the graphic of God, the ultimate creator and artist. Additionally, it affirms the role of motive in the process of investigating the character of God’s creation.

Church publications make no warranty regarding the outcomes of auditing, but they do claim that “auditing tactics do the job 100 percent of the time if they are used appropriately.”2

You claimed it absolutely was a FACT that lots of people told you that some individuals who did this level have attained exterior at will.

Other beliefs held by Scientologists incorporate on the chasm that separates it from biblical Christianity. People who have remaining Scientology declare that it teaches a “back again-story” to The present human situation.

So you see, seventy five million several years back isn't really this type of significant offer, and Xenu and his alien overpopulation issue is not planning to scare off your normal spacefaring Scientologist.

I also called Jefferson Hawkins, who I've usually regarded one of the smartest, most level-headed from the ex-Scientologists who communicate out about their experiences. He laughed when I explained why I used to be calling.

This remark exhibits you really aren’t next anything at all, quick investigation on your own part on each Gentlemen would answer your concern.

This is scientology beliefs about death specifically in conflict with the concept of Christianity which states that our difficulty is often a moral just one, and the one Resolution is accepting the gift of forgiveness provided by Christ’s scientology beliefs about death death over the cross.

There was no promise of being in a position to exteriorize at will on The brand new OT 8. That was some thing a complete OT would manage to do, but Hubbard did not get that considerably and there was no full OT level ever produced.

This can really set LRH to the map. And I'll apologize for all my judgements of Ron. But we know scientology beliefs drugs there isn't any one which has this means.

According to Scientologists, thetans who have not benefited from your practices of Scientology are trapped inside of a reactive state of brain and cannot operate Typically.

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